Monday, February 26, 2007

Rural Values?

From ("1 In 3 Boys Heavy Porn Users, Study Shows," Feb. 24, 2007):
Almost half of rural youths in the survey reported seeing pornographic videos or DVDs at least once, compared to one-third of the urban participants. Thompson is unsure why rural teens access porn more on video and DVD, but suggests that parents may think distance acts as a buffer.

"Maybe they have a false sense of thinking they are far away from unhealthy influences," she said.

Rural boys also reported a lower incidence of parents talking with them about sexual media content. Urban girls were most likely to have had discussions with their parents. And while the majority of teens surveyed said their parents expressed concern about sexual content, that concern hasn't led to discussion or supervision, and few parents are using available technology to block sexual content, according to the study.

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