Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BBC News: Mayor unveils climate change plan

From the BBC ("Mayor unveils climate change plan," Feb. 27, 2007):
London Mayor Ken Livingstone has called on Londoners and businesses to unite in the fight against global warming.

Unveiling his Climate Change Action Plan, the mayor appealed to people to stop wasting energy.

Londoners will be offered cut-price loft and cavity wall insulation and could cut £300 a year from fuel bills by making homes more energy-efficient.

He also urged companies to invest in green technology to help slash carbon emissions by 60% within 20 years.

By 2025 he wants 25% of London's electricity supply to be from local combined heat and power systems.
It's interesting to see this kind of thing happening more. It is especially important for cities, however, to try to cut costs of doing business. While they produce a lot of carbon dioxide per unit of real estate, they often produce very little per capita compared to surrounding suburbs. Driving businesses to cheaper suburbs will end up causing more pollution.

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