Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bill Clinton an issue for Hillary

Apparently, according to The Washington Post, it's been decided that the non-issue of Bill Clinton's silly impeachment is an issue for Hillary Clinton ("Clinton Fights to Keep Impeachment Taboo," February 25th, 2007):
The turmoil of the later Clinton years has been a theme of national politics since it occurred: George W. Bush ran in 2000 on a promise to "restore honor and dignity to the Oval Office," while Vice President Al Gore campaigned as a solid family man, distancing himself from the impeachment ordeal.
Firstly, I would think being a "family man" is very distracting when you're president. But it does help you win elections. Hillary, are you a family man too?

Secondly, George W. Bush's promise to "restore honor and dignity to the Oval Office" was a very fair offering. Easy to fall for it. Afterall, who restored honor and dignity to the White House after Bush's father left office? (Hell, I'd say the problem goes back to Reagan, if not Nixon.)

So, my question is, are elections designed to distract people from what matters in this world or something?

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