Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Okay, I guess I got to stop writing about what an asshole Mitt Romney is:
But most Mormonism-related discomfort with Romney may, in fact, reflect less a view of religious truth than a sense that there is something vaguely troubling or unfamiliar in the Mormon manner or worldview. .... [S]uch reservations are not simple prejudice; they are a complicated outgrowth of the tortured history of the faith’s relationship to mainstream American political life over the nearly two centuries since God first spoke to Joseph Smith.
I find it even more troubling that Romney is a Republican.

I'm glad Romney lost the Iowa Caucuses, though I'm a little saddened that Huckabee won. I don't say that because I think Huckabee is worse than the others (he's arguably better than any Republican in years), but he's still a Republican and the less prima facie repugnant Republicans are, the more the media promotes them as the best candidate.

See "What Is It About Mormonism?" in The New York Times for a verbose, yet somewhat educational, article.

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