Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Master debaters

I don't watch the Republican debates usually. It's not really worth my time to see a bunch of overly made-up old men masturbating over who likes Ronald Reagan the most. So, I just read about the debates afterwards.

There was one nugget of complete insanity ("Republicans clash on immigration," BBC News, June 6, 2007):
The 10 candidates also debated the possibility of military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.

All candidates agreed that Iran needed to be prevented from developing nuclear weapons and there was criticism of Democratic rivals over their willingness to hold direct talks with Iran on the issue.

California congressman Duncan Hunter was the most explicit, promising that he would be prepared to authorise a tactical nuclear strike if necessary.
Great, let's just turn Iran into a glass parking lot. It sure solved all our problems every other time we did it. Luckily, even Reagan wasn't batshit nuts enough to push that button.

So who's running anyway? He's a list for those wanting to stay updated:
  • Sam Brownback—religious nut
  • Jim Gilmore—governor of Virginia, big fan of execution ("pro-life")
  • Rudolph Giuliani—mediocre mayor of major city, tough on crime, guest starred on Law & Order
  • Mike Huckabee—former fatass, current religious nut
  • Duncan Hunter—batshit nuts war hawk
  • John McCain—war hawk has-been
  • Mitt Romney—goofy Massachusetts Mormon
  • Ron Paul—Texas authoritarian ("libertarian")
  • Tom Tancredo—anti-immigrant, anti-choice
  • Tommy Thompson—starred on Law & Order

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