Monday, March 12, 2007

Christians against Sarah Silverman!

Oh oh ("Offensive Sex Scene with 'God' Upsets Christians," 09-March-2007):
Comedy Central, home to controversial shows such as South Park and Drawn Together, rebroadcasted an episode of the Sarah Silverman Program on Thursday in which the female comedian has sex with “God.”
Dear The Christian Post:

I'm not sure South Park or Drawn Together are particularly controversial anymore. They're sort of like how The Simpsons were by 1995: mainstream.


And the only controversy I see here is this: why would Sarah Silverman want to even pretend to have sex with a crusty old man who Michaelangelo seems to think looks like Santa Claus? (At least Michaelangelo made him into a swarthy Santa Claus.) Next, maybe she can copulate with Odin—who is much less swarthy, although he is missing an eye.

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